In what must rank as the smallest bits of news in a while - but then what do you report when you're waiting to film due to availability of actors and sets (!!!) - the daleks were on the move again last week.

... is of course taking over a garage. It seems that Ian Watts, our Big Brother Robot Wars colleague has solved the problem of storage for Devious's black dalek (the currently-bright-silver-all-over radio-powered one) by conveniently buying his neighbours house. 'Onya' (the worst-named Marx brother of all) now has his (/her - we're not sure on this) own garage. Heaven help you if you want to park your car in there!

A section of corridor was set up yesterday evening (a) to see what it looked like lighting-wise, and more importantly (b) to see if it would fall down again.

Thankfully (b) was all right, although careful lighting will be required to ensure it looks half decent in the production. As we have got rather a lot of corridor-running to do (in the true cliche-ridden tradition of Dr Who) we knew that corridor sets could get expensive if we weren't careful. So providing people don't lean on the walls or daleks don't run into them we may get away with it!

The final members of the dalek 'fleet' are nearing completion in the shed/workshop AT LAST!!! Numbers seven and eight are complete except for working lights and an internal seat for no 7. New lights will be fitted to the rest of them anyway, so there's not a big problem there. Whilst the new ones were being built, Ashley took the time to improve some of the poorer features of the older props - namely the eyepieces and improvements to the gunsticks.

The Millais Gallery's exhibition by Roy Brown is now in full swing and there's now a web page giving more details and some interesting photos (if you like daleks, that is!). Click here for details. Here's one photo from the page (used without permission, so please someone exterminate me if I am not entitled to do so!). Now, isn't that Chico at the end of the row on the left?????

- or so they say ! Well, hopefully that's the case. As you may know I'm a bit superstitious and so I don't want to report on things until they've happened, so I suppose I can say with confidence that a lot of the corridor sets have been completed. The unique design is hopefully a lights and mirrors job, so the construction methods should be reasonably confusing. The trick, as with all sets, is the lighting. We hope to get an atmospheric quality about these scenes, and we think it may be possible.

Today sees the launch of the new Devious website - it will be linked to www.doctorwho-devious.com in due course...

At present there's only half the intended content - at least we'll be able to add stuff as we go on to keep you all interested while we gamely try to get this blinkin' epic finished! For example there'll be a 'faq' section and more news items will be added retrospectively to reflect our history...

The weekend of the 15th-17th of February 2002 saw the radio-controlled dalek make an appearance at the acclaimed ModelWorld show at the Brighton Centre. Moving amongst the crowds it caused quite a stir over the three day event...

Last night (30th) saw 2 of the Devious Daleks packed off to an exhibition in Southampton at the Millais Gallery. Artist Roy Brown has spent the last 6 months preparing for an exhibition featuring 15 daleks. Centred in a room with the Declaration of Human Rights etched in glass in displays around the walls, and suitably lit to bring back the menace so lacking in recent media outings the daleks are set to make quite an impressive artistic and political point in the run up to Christmas.


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