A bit more set work has been done whilst Ashley toys with the idea of getting loads more wood delivered ready for Easter... - And the Evil of the Daleks website now features their TRAILER...! well worth a view

Ashley met some friends at the recent Gary Numan album signing in London and in conversation with some fellow "Numanoids" found a high level of interest in Dr Who and also Devious. Apparently one of the chaps he spoke to has his own studio and composes his own music and hopefully we'll be talking to him about some instrumental work for Devious. Although Ashley and David want to write and perform their own material they also recognise they have never done that before and consequently are likely to be completely talentless!

props lie abandoned as the tea and bourbons are dished out...Well, we'd like to!

With any luck, we hope to be able to present a cheque to Children In Need live on TV this Friday.�

the daleks on stage

evil of the daleks graphic - link to the production

Just a few notes added to the sets and props section giving a few words on the dalek emperor prop...


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