a look back at the Comic Relief sketch filmed at Pinewood in 1999

[updated with NEW IMAGES] The story of the day back in April 1995 - filming the scene that would one day find itself on a BBC DVD ...

the War Games official BBC DVD features 15 minutes of Devious in a special "extra" featuring the Jon Pertwee finale

at last! - some new Devious clips posted online for your delectation...

Doctors and Daleks at the DalekWorld stand in Brighton 22-24 Feb 2013.

new trailer for Devious

The Never Was - a Fan Fiction homage to Doctor Who, celebrating the work of fellow fan film-makers around the world


Welcome to the Devious website - a documentary site hoping to share the experience of a group of Sussex film-makers in their (long) quest to make their own sci-fi story - "Devious". A homage (or should it be an homage) to BBC's Doctor Who it features a number of amateur actors alongside a number of cameo performances, notably a certain Jon Pertwee - playing the part of the Doctor for possibly the last time.