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zagreus pertwee & titchmarsh

Friday 24th June 2005

Devious had a connection with the show's 40th Anniversary in 2003 - namely a contribution to the production of Big Finish's "Zagreus" - see our news archive...


Over the years we've lent props or people to various projects - most recently the BBC's 20th Century Antiques (the TARDIS prop was used by Alan Titchmarsh). We provided props and sets for BBC South Today in 2004 and in April 2005 were featured in a three minute segment about DEVIOUS to coincide with the BBC ONE publicity for the new series. Five of our daleks were used in the Interalia Theatre productions of Evil of the Daleks and The Dalek Masterplan in 2006 and 2007, whilst three were used at Pinewood in '99 - see below.

Devious TARDIS prop at Goonhilly Cornwall during filming for BBC1 Alan Titchmarsh antiques program 2005 - image used with permission from DWAS site

Some of our daleks were also lent out to an exhibition at the Millais Gallery in Southampton a while back (2002).

We've been lucky that each year for the past decade or so something unusual and unexpected has happened leading to our involvement. Often for charity these events have helped promote the cause of Dr Who and we hope have helped garner more support and interest for the series whilst doing some good in the community in themeantime, or just plain entertaining people.

photograph from the Brighton Evening Argus at the time of the Comic Relief video releaseWe were also featured in the excellent Bible of fandom, the Doctor Who Monthly magazine, along with our local press... Whether by luck or judgement, our work has been noticed by the media! Our internal Tardis set and three of our own-built-daleks were borrowed by the BBC for their Comic Relief Doctor Who sketch in 1999. Four days spent at Pinewood Studios was great fun, and we have appeared on the Documentary video released by the BBC after the TV showing to 9 million viewers of the sketch.

We were, as far as we are aware, the only amateur group to have the services of a certain Jon Pertwee, reprising his role of the Third Doctor one final time as the 'Halfway Doctor' meets his future intended incarnation. Sadly Jon died a year after filiming our scene, and so never saw the final edit. We were lucky enough to spend the day with him; collecting him from his magnificent house near London, and enjoying his company throughout a very entertaining and enlightening day.

Jon Pertwee with Neil and Mark Jones

Here we see Gary Merchant presenting Tony Garner (as the Doctor) with some excellent cover artwork for Devious - this photo was taken at the Dimensions on Tyne convention back in 2001


Gary Merchant presenting Tony with an excellent piece of cover artwork for Devious at the 2001 Newcastle convention - we will hopefully feature his work on this site soon