Stephen interviews Nick Briggs and Starburst (?)

Hi there peeps

Stephen rang me (Ashley) just a short while ago and said he'd just interviewed a certain Nick Briggs about the forthcoming Dr Who series 4 finale. The interview was between Neil Pringle (who's show it was), Stephen and Nick and was recorded earlier today for radio broadcast tomorrow (Thursday) between 8.30 and 9am. Set your dials, warm up the valve set, that's Southern Counties Radio broadcasting for Sussex and Surrey. The interview was conducted with the aid of two Ring Modulators - one was Nick's (obviously) and the other was Devious's's's's one brought in specially by Stephen. Sounds fun - can't wait to hear it! And thanks Nick for reaffirming the settings for Stephen!!! We have to say we (collectively) can't wait for the final episodes!!

Stephen Cranford is brought to you by BBC Southern Counties Radio. (And into work by Sedan Chair)

And in other news - we've been told that a recent interview we did (well, several months ago) is to appear in the Starburst Doctor Who Special (no 87) - due out on June 23rd. We haven't got a copy in yet so we don't know if we've made it to the issue. If we see a copy we'll let you know. Or if you see it you can let us know?? (we can't get a copy here in deepest Sussex) Should be fun - quite a tongue in cheek approach - and all serves to promote Doctor Who!

We've just heard that the issue will be a couple of weeks late, so look out for it the beginning of July????

And in other other news, the Tardis console now has a new home! After being stored outside (albeit wrapped in 4 layers of plastic) and in disparate locations the whole console is now on long term loan to a friend of ours who lives in Worthing no less. We'll have some pics soon to show you how it is being well looked after (at last).

cheers more soon

Wednesday 25th June 2008
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Hi there peeps

Stephen rang me (Ashley) just a short while ago and said he'd just...

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