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Thursday 16th March 2006

well this image has absolutely nothing to do with the USA - but it does have daleks in and thats reason enough on this site!We'd love to hear from you people over there in the USA what you think of Doctor Who now it's launching on the SCI-FI channel on the 17th March. We'd also like to hear from you about Devious too - are we completely mad? Have you heard about Devious but not seen actual Doctor Who? (nah - can't be - you've only come here because you like Dr Who and you've wondered what the fan-take on it would be!). Well have we reinforced the stereotyping? Well we're all ready to admit we're slightly barking mad anyway but you be the judge of it!

And hello too to our web browsers from Canada - where you've already had Dr Who for some time and have also had the new series.

Well there you go - just a few words to our viewers from over the seas - if you're from anywhere interesting and remote, i.e. the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Skaro, then please don't hesitate to drop us a line in the 'say hello' bit - we'd love to hear from you. And especially if you're film-makers (whether it be Dr Who or otherwise).

Actually if you're on this site it's pretty likely you're already into Dr Who in which case the interesting thing will be seeing watching your friends who've never seen the programme for their reactions. Until now Dr Who was something you knew about. Now your colleagues may well be watching Dr Who for the first time and hopefully seeing what you saw in it. Over here in the UK fans such as us (the Devious team) who are known by their friends and family as being rather 'into' the series have had the novel experience (well, at least since 1989 or 96) of seeing how the general public react to it. And because the new series is more accessible and more popular than ever liking the series is no longer such a niche.

So enjoy the new series!!!