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The Never Was Will Be

We've just had a very productive meetup last Wednesday with Mark Jones, David Clarke and Ashley Nealfuller (now collectively known as "MAD" it seems!) and we now know how near The Never Was is to being seen! There will be some form of illustrated countdown (which we ought to finally do with Devious Part One too!) coming within the month...

(yes, we know that's not the same as we said before but then it's lives, new kitchens, staff leaving, new premises, birthdays, new jobs.... oh yes - life - that really gets in the way.)





The Never Was is LIVE !

Yes, you read that correctly. We've finally released something! Well, strictly its the slightly different team at The Never Was rather than Devious per se. Not that there's a lot of difference in the teams!!! Anyway, get yourselves over to to catch the new video, and maybe you'll spot some Devious connections...

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South Today 2013

The TARDIS, console and two daleks were again called into action by BBC South in July2013 in the week before filming for The Never Was. In fact at the time we only had the front half of the TARDIS as it was a new build from the measurements of our original which had been pensioned off. The new demi-TARDIS was only the front as that was all we needed for the Brighton Modelworld Show in 2013 and for the Never Was filming later in the year. It is now complete and decorated for the moment as a Capaldi-era box despite being of 1980's measurements


On TV - Devious v McCoy v Eccleston

This is also noted in the news section for 2005 - however for completeness we are including this little bit here! In 2005 in time to coincide with the Ninth Doctor episode "Dalek" our local TV station decided to feature Devious in a short segment. Some of the people at BBC South had hoped to put together a longer piece about Devious - or something featuring fan films we think (we're not sure what they were planning and heard many rumours). To that effect they sent down a film unit with an interviewer of none other than Sylvester McCoy.



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