supporting cast ...

Brogar - the archer

played by Amanda Evans

Orkzet - one of Brogar's henchmen

played by Steve Mayhew

Observer Valerian - one of the crew of the 'second tardis' along with Teleko (played by Neil Jones) Kestro (Reece Longhurst) and Vardrah. Photo shown is from "Griffin" - a film by Mark Jones

Observer Teleko

played by Neil Jones

Observer Vardrah

played by Chris T Kirk

The Third Doctor's Stunt Double

played by Tim Pieraccini

Villagers & Clan Marauders

played by 'SCUM' Fight Re-enactment Group, Sussex


costumes built, used and cybermen played by Andy Shaw and cyberfriend

Black Dalek - radio control -
Ian Watts, Ashley Nealfuller &
Sylvester McCoy (yes! - more details later...)
Ashley Nealfuller

Claw Dalek in Embryo Room

played by Ashley Nealfuller

Chris Quinn
James Quinn

Tech Dalek

played by father and son team Chris and James Quinn

This rather superb build Tech Dalek was built by Chris and visited us for the May 2004 filming.

Silver Daleks

played by most of the main cast on occasions, plus the following especially in May 2004 when we needed to keep the fleet of nine daleks fully operational for many scenes...Cast member images, like all displayed on the site, are on the understanding that the people involved are cool about appearing! - not everyone wants to admit being in a dalek!

Alia Halstead

Alia Halstead

Ashley Clarke Ashley Clarke
Christopher Vincent Christopher Vincent
Colin Vincent
Cori Samuel Cori Samuel
Frances Wetherilt Frances Wetherilt
James Quinn James Quinn
Laura Clarke Laura Clarke
Lauren Wetherilt Lauren Wetherilt
Nicola Keith Nicola Keith
Paul Hayes Paul Hayes
Ringo Ringo Dhansay
Rob Horn Rob Horn
Rowlie Darby Rowlie Darby
Simon Goble Simon Goble
Sylvie Winn Sylvie Winn
  Simon Baker
Steven E King


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Hugh Lloyd (MBE) played the part of the Scribe - a Timelord official.


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Richard Kingshott joined us on a number of occasions both on location and in our 'studio' (ie...

Peter Tuddenham played half of the Timelord double act from episode six - Voix...

Phillip and Callisto are played by Anthony Townsend, now of London.


Ian Edmond has now forgiven us (we think) for his character's name. "Ralib" is...

Brogar - the archer

played by Amanda Evans


the crew behind the scenes

Loads of people have been...