We are Devious People!

the crew behind the scenes

Loads of people have been involved in Devious over the years, and we hope they can all get the mention they deserve as soon as this part of the site is filled out. However until that time, and we want to make the pages illustrative and entertaining without just providing lists of names, which are meaningless to the layman or casual observer, we will endeavour to add suitable content to show how an amateur fan-based movie goes about its business!


Heather Miller (nee Cohen) plays Aquilia the Observer. Sent by the TimeLords to watch the progress of the Doctor's test. Watching from afar using binoculars she herself realises she is being watched. Stalked by something rather unpleasant in fact.

I wonder what?


Aquilia on the run...

With the release of the War Games DVD Devious Clip featuring great cameos from Jon Pertwee, Hugh Lloyd and Peter Tuddenham you can finally see the results from our day with Jon Pertwee.

RichardRichard Kingshott joined us on a number of occasions both on location and in our 'studio' (ie Stephen's house) for Tardis scenes. As one of the TimeLord Observers he had to play two characters - not only Nilan (and we can't recall why he had that name!) but Uist the Villager in the 'Archers' scene.

Chaldar the Time Lord politician / official is a stuffy argumentative pompous individual, and meets his just desserts during the latter parts of the film. As one of Callisto's benefactors he is forced to play another character for the Doctor's memories, and so turns up as the argumentative pompous Village leader Imberhorne.

Ashley showing off with his (as yet not grey) long hair

We've always said Devious is a big family. Have we? Oh well, we've certainly had members of our families 'co-operated' into helping out now and again. We've even bred new dalek operators! Since we started the trio of Stephen Ashley and David (SAD!) have had partners and children. This new 'people' section of the site will attempt to put the human side to this Devious group and attempt to show ou we are all normal - really! Without going into our personal lives of course, but we will try to add the 'human factor' to this site.

The Director is most definitely David from the trio. Mr D V C himself (see links page!) After some discussion with the trio, David draws out the storyboards and a shooting schedule, and on the day of filming makes things work to plan. Well almost. A difficult job -�there've been occasional�mistakes and forgotten shots, or time has pressured us, but then these things affect all directors and David has always kept things rolling along.

We were lucky enough to record a short cameo with Anneke Wills a few years ago.  One of the First Doctor's companions she is enjoying a varied career, not just in acting and writing - her paintings are well worth a look.

Here she is with the Interim Doctor escaping some rather well-known foes...

the Interim Doctor and Polly make a hasty decision...

Brogar - the archer

played by Amanda Evans


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