Direct from our art department (as if we have one!) - and with full apologies to the designers of PROPER DVD COVERS we have our own joke version of the DVD cover for the War Games DVD.  So if you want to protect your original War Games cover from the sun's harmful rays by obscuring it with our own daft little effort then you can download the hi-res version by clicking on the thumbnail below. It's about 700K - if you click then the graphic will load in a new window.

The 6th of July sees the BBC and 2|entertain release the War Games - Patrick Troughton's last story. Devious as an amateur film was set in the interim between the Second Doctor being sent off into the void to regenerate intothe Third Doctor - played by Jon Pertwee.

Well, the webmaster for this site is on holiday this week so updates may be a little sparse. HOWEVER he has had the sense - or stupidity - to get his copy of War Games delivered to his holiday home and so has watched the special devious scene last night (play.com delivered early!!). And he's discovered wi-fi here, so at least the site will have a couple of updates during the week! Actually it has just been pointed out to him that it was not "he" who found out about about the wi-fi, so thanks are due to another vital member of the team!

Well, not strictly NEW since they were taken in 1995 - it's just that as we were trawling through some of the documentary footage we saw a lovely image of Jon standing around in our set. Maybe because it was different to the ones we've been used to it caught our attention. Here is the first of them and we'll add some more soon.

Jon Pertwee in the Devious Tardis set

We are pleased to showcase Martin Johnson's music for the Devious clip included in the War Games DVD. We had met him during the Portsmouth plays: Evil of the Daleks and the Dalek Masterplan and we expressed an interest in working together in creating music for Devious.

Martin Johnson

Stephen and David from the "Devious Project" are interviewed on BBC's South East Today to coincide with the release on BBC DVD of "The War Games" -- a Patrick Troughton Doctor Who story. This DVD includes as an extra some footage from Devious and a scene featuring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor.

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