... and fruit flies like a banana - yep, heard that one.

We appreciate you haven't seen much of Devious yet (and truly you will soon - The Never Was will whet your appetite as well (just seeing the sets in use again gets us all misty eyed for those days back with our Doctor...)). That's a double ")" - what kind of english is this?

What do we all think of the new series on the telly by the way? Really looking forward to seeing Robot of Sherwood - we thought you'd forgive us this doctored image...

Great Stuff! We've been sent a great independently made trailer by one of our followers Gary Merchant. He's asked us to pop it live up on youtube and we're very happy to do so. The music is copyright-free before you ask although the subject matter is not exactly!!! But then Devious is a homage (or an homage - we're not sure) to BBC's Doctor Who. We're in awe of the real thing and play at it ourselves - keeps us happy and off the streets anyway!

Still haven't had time to digest all the pics etc from the show but did notice a couple of note. On the second day of the show we were invaded by a load of Doctors. Shawn Levy organised a great facebook campaign and around 20 Doctors came along for a cosplay experience. And during the afternoon a number of picture reenactments were, er, reenacted!

So, from An Adventure in Space and Time we have the following image...

An Adventure in Space and Time?

Very tired after an exhausting day at the exhibit so will just include a couple of photos from the day. We will add some more as we get a chance to go through them!

Here's the Lady Mayor of Brighton and Hove with Jane who is part of our Devious Team when we do this display. Jane and her husband are invaluable at the show and really make things run smoothly.

Jane with the Mayor

and here is one showing five of the daleks...

Hi there peeps. Well, we're doing the Brighton ModelWorld again this year. A different display than last year when we had the full console room, TARDIS entrance, dalek emperor and many many daleks - we like to ring the changes! There is something new though. More on that later in a retrospective of the event. For those nearby the Brighton ModelWorld is at the Brighton Centre and runs from this Friday to Sunday - i.e. 21st to 23rd February 2014.

Here's a picture from last year's display...

Happy New Year gentle followers. We've not been idle - perish the thought! So we thought you'd like these little bits of news to tide you over...

Not wishing to jinx things, but things are looking positive for our "sister production" "The Never Was". Well, we say sister - more like a wayward cousin.

As far as we know the edits are all done and the effects are nearly complete. And there is a rumour of a release by the end of the year.

We stress this is a RUMOUR. And the end of the year is like ONE WEEK AWAY! Stranger things have happened...

[UPDATE - 30 Dec 2013 - we now hear it is to be early January!)

Just a quickie... Ashley's son Adam was watching "The Day of the Doctor" recently and noticed the following Supreme Dalek in the Black Archive as shown below...

black archive

and we were wondering how it got there - presumably there were more than the one blown up back in Tennant's day... Feel free to contact us with your theories!

Well, it's only a few days now until the Day of the Doctor and we're all terribly excited. On the fan-celebration of the Fiftieth we are hoping that Mark's "The Never Was" is released soon after the anniversary date for you all to enjoy. More news on that as and when of course!

We thought you'd like to see a few photos from the making of "The Never Was" which took place last month. Well actually we did film an additional scene this month but that's a digression.


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