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Also a link to the BBC Southern Counties Radio's Charity Challenge where you'll spot a few Devious people!

In what must rank as the smallest bits of news in a while - but then what do you report when you're waiting to film due to availability of actors and sets (!!!) - the daleks were on the move again last week.

... is of course taking over a garage. It seems that Ian Watts, our Big Brother Robot Wars colleague has solved the problem of storage for Devious's black dalek (the currently-bright-silver-all-over radio-powered one) by conveniently buying his neighbours house. 'Onya' (the worst-named Marx brother of all) now has his (/her - we're not sure on this) own garage. Heaven help you if you want to park your car in there!

A section of corridor was set up yesterday evening (a) to see what it looked like lighting-wise, and more importantly (b) to see if it would fall down again.

Thankfully (b) was all right, although careful lighting will be required to ensure it looks half decent in the production. As we have got rather a lot of corridor-running to do (in the true cliche-ridden tradition of Dr Who) we knew that corridor sets could get expensive if we weren't careful. So providing people don't lean on the walls or daleks don't run into them we may get away with it!

The final members of the dalek 'fleet' are nearing completion in the shed/workshop AT LAST!!! Numbers seven and eight are complete except for working lights and an internal seat for no 7. New lights will be fitted to the rest of them anyway, so there's not a big problem there. Whilst the new ones were being built, Ashley took the time to improve some of the poorer features of the older props - namely the eyepieces and improvements to the gunsticks.

Well, we're still on at the forthcoming Dimensions On Tyne Doctor Who Convention in Newcastle this November 2001. We're in good company, as there are loads of celebrity guests, including two Doctor Who's and rather a lot of companions. Let's hope we can give you a show in the time we have allotted! We've decided to split the video presentation into four segments, with a few words betwen the clips. We're promised a question and answer session and/or interview after our final segment, so get your questions ready.

We were lucky enough to have been "called-up" by the BBC for their Comic Relief Doctor Who sketch.

Initially we were to provide the tardis set (the console and walls) although three of our daleks soon muscled in on the act, and before long had found their way onto the BBC juggernaught bound for Pinewood Studios.

Stephen and Ashley went up on day one for the build, whilst they were joined during the shoot by David, and on one day by Chris. On of Chris' prize possessions is his photo taken with Hugh Grant, whilst each of us have very good memories of our time there.

Well we're still at it. After Stephen, David and Ashley had seen Nigel Fairs' latest play in Brighton a couple of weeks ago (starring Nigel and Louise Jameson) they received some useful encouragement from "friend of Devious" Mark. Anyone who talks to us is obviously a "friend of Devious" - or maybe he is one of Stephen's mates! Anyway something must have struck home during the evening as the three have met again a couple of times since and worked on some effects.

Well, we're thinking of changing servers so you may notice the site will be a bit unresponsive for a short while while we make the move. Ashley is also thinking of changing the back-end system behind the website so it may suddenly morph into a new look when you are least expecting it!

So please bear with us! Well, we know you're a patient lot, bearing with us over the XX years since we started this effort!

Well actually, since we are paid up until 2013 on our existing server we are staying where we are! Mind you, a new version of the site is in development and you should see that soon!


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