One of our troop - Arthur - who played both Aturo and the infamous "Wiggy" in Devious has just presented us with some newly discovered photos from his archive.

Hi there followers! On the day that the first new image of the Eleventh Doctor in costume is released,  by coincidence Ashley has rummaged through a few files and found a few images some of which may be new to this site. He was looking for some shots associated with the footage used on the War Games DVD. As those who have seen it will know there is a montage of clips to illustrate the Interim Doctor's brief tenure before he meets Scribe, Voix and his Future.

Fist up is a screen grab of Amber Lyn's second Elizabethan costume for an as yet unused scene...

UPDATE - see it here on the BBC site.. link - will only work for 24 hours and prob only UK

TWENTY YEARS!!???!! (as per TV clip intro!!!) never!!! - we started in around 1992/3 - still that's a long time!

Well, it's by no means definite, and we're nervous about saying too much, but... we may appear on a local news magaziine programme for the BBC South East area on the 7th of July - the day after the War Games release. The programme isusually on at 6.30pm after the main news.

This will be the day after the actual DVD release. Now Stephen from the team works for BBC Sussex radio and features in their breakfast show from 6 to 10am and so we'd be very surprised if Devious didn't get some kind of mention on the Monday - so listen out just in case!

The Devious Doctor

Tony and Stephen on set

(update - 18 June) Well, the bubble is about to burst! After all the years of Devious being something people knew about but never actually saw anything of - the 6th of July will see a segment released for the general DW fandom to finally see. And for the DWM to post a paragraph or so in their customary review of new DVD releases in their next isse, due out next week (25th). Maybe we are nervous. So what if the DWM reviewer doesn't like it? It's just an opinion of course as the piece of Devious will be on a "proper" DVD alongside professional pieces of work.

Stephen Cranford BBC

Meanwhile Ashley's been rummaging around our huge archive to bring you some new(ish) images (some hitherto unpublished) to celebrate the fact that it is just one month to go before the War Games is released with some 12 minutes of Devious footage on DVD...!

a scene from Devious


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