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Merry Christmas from Devious

Well, another year gone. Next year will be fun. We promise! Ashley's got a great set of tools for his modelworking for Christmas we overhear, and the editing is nearly done. We're also apparentlyup for being in another magazine it seems, albeit just a column. So we'll dig out some unseen images for that. Thanks for everyone who emailed us about the Starburst piece.

And there's more.... (but you'll have to wait). We'll say no more for now.


The Growing Dalek Fleet

Just sorting through a few things and found these pics from November (08!) in which you can see the new back-filler models being built by Ashley. He's managed to find a few battered Sevans kits however he feels it's more in the spirit of Devious to create new from scratch. So you can see the new shoulder section castings. These were cast from a new build of a shoulder section using silicon moulds and then cast in resin some with a glass fibre tissue mat and some with glass fibre traditional strands.



Comic Relief 2009

Hope you are all out there doing something special for this year's Comic Relief. Even if it's just putting money in a tin.

The word "just" in that last sentence - just putting money in a tin is maybe all you can do - but it's the "just" thing to do.


The Ten Doctors

... is still continuing - reaching a climax in fact. The Two and a Halfth Doctor is still around (having escaped the multi-Doctor mind meld that's currently happening, and then there;s the....) go and see if you haven't already! We've been following this for ages as it is truly inspired and with excellent characterisation and dialogue. And of course they have Doctor Two and a Half who looks mighty familiar!



the modelwork - a case in point

In a long line of excuses for the lack of progress in the modelwork department, Ashley has now said that his recent construction of a bookcase and matching radiator cover for a room in his palatial abode is the main reason why the dalek models are late in delivery! Not believing him we asked for proof, and here is the offending bookcase - built from scratch at a cost of around three hundred quid. Blimey - seems a lot but then a piece of furniture to buy at that size would be three times that, and the fact that he has built it himself seems to be something he is proud of.


War Games 1 month to go

Meanwhile Ashley's been rummaging around our huge archive to bring you some new(ish) images (some hitherto unpublished) to celebrate the fact that it is just one month to go before the War Games is released with some 12 minutes of Devious footage on DVD...!



DVD Surprise - well a little one!


(update - 11 June) Stephen from the team will apparently be speaking on air on BBC Radio Sussex about the War Games Devious piece in a short item on the release day the 6th July with any lick. Stephen's colleagues at the radio station news desk have got wind of the DVD release and Stephen's involvement so hopefully there'll be a short item sometime before 10AM we think. More news as and when! (Doubtless it won't happen now we've mentioned it!). Maybe there's a link so that BBC Radio Sussex can be heard online...?


DWM reviews and worries...

(update - 18 June) Well, the bubble is about to burst! After all the years of Devious being something people knew about but never actually saw anything of - the 6th of July will see a segment released for the general DW fandom to finally see. And for the DWM to post a paragraph or so in their customary review of new DVD releases in their next isse, due out next week (25th). Maybe we are nervous. So what if the DWM reviewer doesn't like it? It's just an opinion of course as the piece of Devious will be on a "proper" DVD alongside professional pieces of work.



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