David directing atop a ladder - as you do

Well, the BBC came along yesterday and re-interviewed David and Ashley for a segment to appear on BBC ONE's South Today programme this coming week (hopefully - election and disasters permitting presumably). This is all to do with the upcoming DALEK episode in the Doctor Who tv series on Saturday night.

I've just got back from appearing on the local radio this morning (Ashley speaking here). Along with Stephen Cranford I've just done two short interviews for BBC Southern Counties Radio regarding Doctor Who- our effort Devious, and some thoughts on the new series. Great fun - unlike seasoned broadcaster Stephen I've not done this sort of thing before so it was a little nerve-racking aforehand but then when "on air" (as these people call it!) it was fine!

Yes, it's true - we've finished all the live action required filming! Meaning we've some modelwork to film and we may repeat a couple of scenes with better locations in the summer if we feel like it. But will we? The edit will tell us. The main thing is we need to sit back and celebrate just for once. Break out the champers! Well, to be honest the moment passed rather strangely - certainly for Ashley who was very ill with flu during the shoot and only came along because it was the last filming - otherwise he'd have stayed in bed.

Just got this shot through from Neil Jones - brother of Mark - taken at the recent premiere of Griffin. A great piece of work, very animated and a great character. Let's hope for the best for this creation and hope we'll see a lot more of him and his creator Mark. Photo shows Mark (right) with Griffin and Ashley...

Well it's a big month for Doctor Who. With the new series debuting later this month it's high time Devious' filming was completed. Plans to finish tonight (1 March) have been scuppered due to the set location not being quite ready, and so it's expected we'll finish in the next few weeks. We won't mention it until it's done! In the meantime here's a few new images from the January filming - also repeated full size in the filming section (jan 2005)...


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Oh yes, and we're filming tomorrow evening - the final 2 minutes or so to complete the footage (even though we may repeat some of it later this year if we get a good scenic opportunity).

Well, we've delayed our short bit of filming another week. If it isn't done in the next week or two it'll be done later in the year, say May, which will be a shame, 'cause if we do it next week we'll have completed all the necessary filming for Devious. Rather neatly just before the new series starts! We've been a sort of stop-gap for our Whovian interests as we did start not too long after the "classic" series ended on BBC1 (in reality year or two after but we were mulling the idea over back then). Still, it's all just a hobby and a bit of fun!!

the Doctor and Covellitor in discussionWell, couple of things - firstly just to say those of us from Devious who went to the World Premiere of 'Griffin' thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A great film and worthy of more showings - in a cinema near you!

Tony Garner as the Doctor crawling across a gantry in front of the archway door - cso to follow!!Well, after the latest batch of filming we've been able to dispose of some sets - the archway door has seen it's last materialisation, and the last parts of the control room sets used last May will be junked very soon once they have been measured and photographed ready for the model versions to be built.



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