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Ashley just wanted to say that here and now he is suggesting, nay guessing,that the new series of the Dr Who series will end with an appearance by the Emperor Dalek. The recent DWM says that there's something secret, so Ashley wants to be shot down in flames or applauded - one way or the other it seems. He's determined to go on record to make this guess and states he has no insider knowledge (or would seek it) and so this guess is presumably a typical fan's thoughts (or hopes) for the new series finale.


Hugh Lloyd MBE


The headline says it all! Hugh Lloyd MBE ! We were delighted to hear that Hugh has received an MBE in the New Year Honours list and would like to offer our warmest congratulations. A worthy recipient -a great actor.




new filming

Well, we thought we ought to have something on the site on the anniversary date! Our planned filming for Oct/Nov this year has been put back to just after Christmas (or thereabouts) - although this is nothing to do with Ashley needing to wait til all his Christmas fairy lights have all been used before they go back into the tardis console. Rather our location needs a few finishing touches - like a roof !!! More news as and when.


New series dalek spoilers... (not that we're any the wiser than you lot)

NEW SERIES DALEKS SPOILERS - the following text was originally hidden for viewers unless they specifically wanted to read it - but as the time has passed here it is in full...

For those of you who have heard that the new tv series daleks are to fly, and have seen the images in the newspapers (chiefly - or solely! - The Sun, 2nd Nov) showing a technician with a radio-control transmitter - don't think it's all new! 'Devious' features flying / hovering daleks (we only do it a couple of times) and we have had radio-control for our chief dalek.


From Theory to Practice...

We've been working on a few test renders recently; putting a few test effects on to some of the footage from May, and thought you'd like to see how things are coming along. Firstly here's an image of a rough Lightwave model of the Control Room created before the sets were built. And secondly there's an image of the room with a test version of the ceiling and central column effect.




More South Today images

Now we really must get a new section on the site to show some images from the "Doctor Who in the South" programme segments from BBC One's "South Today" back in July. Until that time, here's a few to give you a flavour if you were unable to see the transmission...

There's some great shots of the dalek in the school library surrounded by schoolchildren all keen to discover more about it, although I won't show these shots unless I get permission from Rowlie on their behalf - I'm sure they'd like to be seen on the web as well as the telly!



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