South Today (last night 13 July)featured the console again*, and one of the Devious daleks at Patcham School. 'Friend of Devious' Rowlie Darby was interviewed by Sylvester McCoy in the new library building of the school where the dalek has been in useful educational employment !

We've been mentioning this connection over the months on this site and have been promising photos, so I think last night solved that issue! More tonight on South Today - the Tardis at a new secret location?????

There's a song that starts like that. Anyway - tonight on BBC 1 South Today (the regional news programme for those people who live in the South of England including Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire (I think) Surrey (possibly), West Sussex, Berkshire (I think) and Oxfordshire (blimey)) you will seeDevious dalek(s) and the Tardis which were used by Bill Baggs' Southern Ways documentary segment on Dr Who in the South. (Sorry - overlong sentence that). The piece has been in production for some while and originally was going to include much more - i.e.

You can now send some rather nifty looking e-cards featuring the TARDIS, a dalek and a Doctor from the BBC South website ...

South Today Doctor Who e-cards

Great fun - perhaps we should have our own Devious e-cards in the future !! Hmm, now that'll slow us down. Maybe next year! Here's an obvious candidate ...

You may well recognise the Dalek and TARDIS on the BBC South website on their Doctor Who feature. Yes they're from Devious!!!

All we shall say at present is "watch this space" .....

Hi there - thanks to Tim from the team we now have a full list of the people we wish to thank for the recent weekend. We really appreciate the hard work everyone put in to make the weekend a success and it is right that you are all thanked - Tim rather sensibly noted everyone's names, since we had a number of 'first-timers' around! So without further ado here's Tim's notes exactly as he sent them ! (complete with odd references here and then - a result of 'in-jokes' that beset any grouping!!).

So why do we always seem to film in May? Well, it's June now as I type this (Ashley). It's about 2am in fact and I've just returned from the final day of our marathon. We've 28 tapes from the weekend all told, and until they're copied and viewed we won't know for sure about all the shots - the only missing shot so far we know we can remount anywhere - we just need an actor, a dalek and a black wall. Right now we all need a rest. The main part of the set remains in place this coming week in case any thoughts come to mind regarding additional shots.

Original headline this! Well, all I can say is we made it through day two of our big set three-day marathon with no major problems. Ok so we had some entertainment with the Black Dalek doing it's own thing but generally we think we're on course! After tomorrow with any luck we will have finished all the dalek control room scenes - there's only the third tardis interior and some brief production line and external inserts to be done afterwards so here's hoping.......

Well, we won't really know until we see some footage back or some rough edits, but so far as I sit here at home after a day's filming allI can see it seemed to go well. We got a lot in the can and we're ready to go for the next two days - whatever the weather may hold for the Bank Holiday Weekend we won't have a clue what it soes - we'll be inside in our Sussex filmset trying to get it all in the can! Until I get some pics back here's a few from our previous session on the 8th and 9th of May.


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