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Children In Need - 17 November - updated

With any luck, we hope to be able to present a cheque to Children In Need live on TV this Friday.


With luck we hope Rob (Evil) Ashley (Devious) will be there although Rob may be in disguise......(guess!!!).The programme is coming from the new tower at Portsmouth and we're told between 8.30 and 9???? Who knows - keep watching - and keep pledging your money! The links below can give you some background to Children In Need and there will be further links so you can make your donation!


Devious Daleks making an Exhibition of themselves

Last night (30th) saw 2 of the Devious Daleks packed off to an exhibition in Southampton at the Millais Gallery. Artist Roy Brown has spent the last 6 months preparing for an exhibition featuring 15 daleks. Centred in a room with the Declaration of Human Rights etched in glass in displays around the walls, and suitably lit to bring back the menace so lacking in recent media outings the daleks are set to make quite an impressive artistic and political point in the run up to Christmas.


Convention Preparations etc

The saying 'if it wasn't for the last minute then nothing would get done' is most definitely true!!! We're now running round like blue-a***d flies trying to be ready for our appearance at the Dimensions On Tyne convention. The schedule is complete, and our running order is as follows...


ADR first go

Well that was fun. And it worked better than we had thought. The trio Stephen Ashley and David met with Tony our Doctor last evening (26th March) and started on our epic quest to do the ADR for Devious.


Above you can see Tony in his custom-made soundbooth reading from the newly transcribed script whilst keeping "a weather eye" on the action displayed on a monitor in front of him. His headphones played back each segment repeatedly whilst he refined the sentence in question.



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