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news and news archive from the production


test edits

Well - on Wednesday we did some test edits of the footage - playing around with brightness contrast and some other delightful combinations to make the footage look someway towards what we had in mind - i.e. hide the construction of the corridor!!! You can see some of the early results on the 'opening doors' page under the 'filming'. Mind you, by the time we've finished we'll probably change the look again!


the Tardis lives on...

I spent the day repairing and restoring the elderly TARDIS roof and floor panels. I have taken a few piccies, 2 are attached.


I have also brought a tin of paint (coinincidentally called Celestial Blue) and will administer it's 7th coat of paint during the week. That's how many times I have painted the F***ing thing in the past 13 years!!!
- Stephen

The Curse of Devious

After an gap of several years "Curse of Fatal Death" cast members Julia Sawalha and Stephen Cranford were reunited on the location for the forthcoming series of Jonathan Creek IV.
The meeting took place by the sandwiches tent in the rain on Sunday 13th October, and the conversation went something like this...
Stephen: Hello Julia. Last time we worked together you were with Rowan Atkinson and I was a dalek
Julia: Oh yes (laughs) crumbs that was ages ago!

Sliding Doors...

...don't slide very well if you have to push them along. Ashley's been working on the sliding door props before the next shoot, since there were major movement problems last time.He's also trying to construct the gruesome new piece of kit to be attached to one of the daleks - this will be used for one of the death scenes to be filmed in a few weeks time.


New Filming Date

With any luck we're filming again the second weekend in November. Wish us luck - we need it! Having tackled the script again last night and made the usual last-minute changes we're half hopeful and half apprehensive about the next batch of filming. The next session will see the exits of cast members Chaldar (Ashley) and Aturo (Arthur), and a lot of filming for The Covellitor (Stephen).


Black v Silver ???

With the radio-remote-controlled dalek being required for a scene this weekend (hopefully) we have to make the final decision by Friday what colour scheme the leader dalek will be. Until now in the script it's been the "Black Dalek" but it's been renamed "Dalek Supreme" whilst we consider the final colours.


Marathon Filming Session & Meridian TV

A spooky moment this - I was working in my shed/studio on the setslast Friday evening (or was it Thursday - the days are a blur) and I thought I'd turn off the radio & switch to the TV. I turned it on and looked away, continuing what I was doing - and then I heard "ex-ter-min-ate" loud and clear across the room. It did take me by surprise and for a moment I almost confused reality and fiction - what with a dalek only feet from me at the time it was an oddmoment!


New daleks anger DAVROS

In an amazing development it seems that the new dalek operators recruited during the recent Devious filming (9th-10th Nov 2002) have incurred the wrath of the more seasoned cast members. An un-named greying operator with dodgy knees told Devious-News that his future prospects for this type of work was being put in jeopardy by their enthusiasm and ability.


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