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news and news archive from the production


the joy of painting

Oh to spend a day off from work armed with a paint-brush and roller! Whilst many look forward to a day off work to do a bit of d-i-y when you're set-building it can get a bit tiresome! The new corridor set has twenty two supports each needing painting. There are four door arch assemblies each needing three coats of paint (undercoat/primer, then gloss and then the final colour). There are three pairs of doors each with the same 3 coats of paint. Still, it all has to be done as these set elements hope to be in use in the next few weeks if all goes to plan.


the first step in universal domination...

... is of course taking over a garage. It seems that Ian Watts, our Big Brother Robot Wars colleague has solved the problem of storage for Devious's black dalek (the currently-bright-silver-all-over radio-powered one) by conveniently buying his neighbours house. 'Onya' (the worst-named Marx brother of all) now has his (/her - we're not sure on this) own garage. Heaven help you if you want to park your car in there!



corridor lighting test

A section of corridor was set up yesterday evening (a) to see what it looked like lighting-wise, and more importantly (b) to see if it would fall down again.

Thankfully (b) was all right, although careful lighting will be required to ensure it looks half decent in the production. As we have got rather a lot of corridor-running to do (in the true cliche-ridden tradition of Dr Who) we knew that corridor sets could get expensive if we weren't careful. So providing people don't lean on the walls or daleks don't run into them we may get away with it!


New Daleks nearing completion

The final members of the dalek 'fleet' are nearing completion in the shed/workshop AT LAST!!! Numbers seven and eight are complete except for working lights and an internal seat for no 7. New lights will be fitted to the rest of them anyway, so there's not a big problem there. Whilst the new ones were being built, Ashley took the time to improve some of the poorer features of the older props - namely the eyepieces and improvements to the gunsticks.


First Pic from Corridor Filming Weekend

Here's the first pic from the set of 60 stills taken on the Sunday 8th Sep 2002 from our latest filming. Daleks (Gummo and Alfred !!!) awaiting another scene in the complex/science station. The corridor lighting was stark and contrasty, and thisshot emphasises that look we were after. The photo was posed with the two casings whilst the poor tired operators took a breather! More photos as soon as we can!



test edits

Well - on Wednesday we did some test edits of the footage - playing around with brightness contrast and some other delightful combinations to make the footage look someway towards what we had in mind - i.e. hide the construction of the corridor!!! You can see some of the early results on the 'opening doors' page under the 'filming'. Mind you, by the time we've finished we'll probably change the look again!


the Tardis lives on...

I spent the day repairing and restoring the elderly TARDIS roof and floor panels. I have taken a few piccies, 2 are attached.


I have also brought a tin of paint (coinincidentally called Celestial Blue) and will administer it's 7th coat of paint during the week. That's how many times I have painted the F***ing thing in the past 13 years!!!
- Stephen


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