Devious the movie features three Tardises.

The Doctor's own Tardis isn't seen until episode two - we see him land on a seemingly deserted beach in order to watch a secret funeral ceremony out at sea. His beach vantage point gives him a great view of the princess's glass galleon as it disolves into a myriad rainbow colours. This is one of the seven hundred wonders of the galaxy according to Phillip.

Well after a few days of woodwork and painting, the battered old TARDIS is fully restored and ready for another few years service.
With a total of 7 coats of paint over the years, the final finish is looking suitably battered now, so very little deliberate weathering was necessary.
The first picture shows the new roof, complete with it's new paint job.

It's only right that the Police Box was built by a real policeman. Well, Stephen was a policeman before his career in the media beckoned. But that's another story!

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