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War Games

The 6th of July sees the BBC and 2|entertain release the War Games - Patrick Troughton's last story. Devious as an amateur film was set in the interim between the Second Doctor being sent off into the void to regenerate intothe Third Doctor - played by Jon Pertwee.

In Devious the Doctor is grabbed out of the timestream just as he starts to regenerate - appearing on an operating table in an orbiting renegade Tardis disguised as an asteroid. Because of the nature of this extraction his captors are unable to prevent his immediate reaction - to partially regenerate. This new persona is an "Interim Doctor" - stuck midway between the second and third incarnations.

Tony and Jon share a joke

He experiences many adventures and in Devious you are witness to some of them and some as flashback. He meets new companions, some of which he can trust more than others it seems, and we start to realise he is part of a test. A test of non-interference - and we know how that will turn out! Especially as the daleks are being used in the test too. They are being manipulated by Auriga, a fellow Time Lord - a renegade like The Master perhaps. Mind you, we never really know his true identity....


The War Games DVD release on 6 July 2009 features a 12 minute segment from Devious featuring Jon Pertwee




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