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Friday 26th June 2015

Besides the stage plays and the filming of course, the Devious props and sets have made many appearances over the years. Of course we have been exhibiting at the Brighton Modelworld for the past years, and hope to contnue as long as we can change the display and make it interesting enough. The Brighton shows we have categorised in this website as "DalekWorld".

As is mentioned elsewhere of course we have also appeared in Comic Relief at Pinewood and in two stage plays which are documented elsewhere in their own sections.

However our other appearances are featured in this section. These are either educational such as the schools' lends of daleks, or at conventions or television appearances. Except for the Strange New Worlds, which we were part of, we have not sought these out - they have occurred and we have been very happy to get involved. 

We will add to this section as we trawl through our photo archive...