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South Today 2013

Thursday 15th October 2015
Daleks and Tardis entrance during construction

The TARDIS, console and two daleks were again called into action by BBC South in July2013 in the week before filming for The Never Was. In fact at the time we only had the front half of the TARDIS as it was a new build from the measurements of our original which had been pensioned off. The new demi-TARDIS was only the front as that was all we needed for the Brighton Modelworld Show in 2013 and for the Never Was filming later in the year. It is now complete and decorated for the moment as a Capaldi-era box despite being of 1980's measurements

Anyway - we ere asked to supply the props for the BBC South display at The New Forest Show at Brockenhurst. Ashley repainted the console and made some other minor adjustments and prepared two daleks. He travelled down in advance of the three day show to help set things up for the display.

The set was entered off an annexe to the main tent through the TARDIS entrance to the console room which had a large (huge!) TV acting as the console room monitor. This played a loop of Doctor who clips, whilst the daleks stood guard at the entrance.

The set and daleks were featured in a segment on the show, and the weather forecast was done at the set. Somewhere we have some video of the event featuring the set, whilst only a few photos were taken by Ashley on construction day. The TARDIS entrance proved tricky to support - much easier now the new box clips together much more easily. Massive credits are due to the backstage technicians who enabled things to work including fabricating a slope to allow for the height differences between main room and console room set.

Again we would like to thank everyone involved!

console room under construction
checking the screen display
almost ready