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Comic Relief

We were involved in a small way with the BBC's Comic Relief project back in '99. Blimey - that long ago. Last century. Well actually in Devious years that's not long ago as you may have noticed our lightning speed on things...

Anyway - we were chosen to provide the TARDIS set for the production, and in event also supplied 3 of the 7 daleks used in the production. The filming was at Pinewood, and this new retrospective section of the Devious website is here to tell the tale from our perspective (if ever that last sentence is made into a song then there are some great rhymes).

So please bear with us whilst we trawl our archives and memories to fill out this section!

However we would still like to remind you all why COMIC RELIEF was created. Richard Curtis and associates saw that raising money for essential humanitarian issues could be achieved by using comedy and entertainment. People give up their time and work for free to provide something unique - not just on television but in all walks of live - to raise people's awareness of some of the great problems faced by people in many many countries. If you have enjoyed any of the Comic Relief programmes over the years and feel motivated to do something then do it. If you can help by giving money then donations are welcome all the time - seek out the Comic Relief website and see how you can help.