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Dalekworld - the Modelworld exhibits


a few more from DalekWorld

Just found a few more shots from DalekWorld (i.e. our exhibit at Brighton ModelWorld 2016) that may interest. A couple showing the daleks when they popped over to see the excellent Lego display. The guys there have been featured on Channel 4 a couple of times, and their work is stunning. Here we can see Jane chatting to them, whiulst there's another posed shot of the daleks around the sabre-toothed beast! And of course some more of the fabulous Doctors around the set and daleks...


2014 Brighton - dalek details

The major change this year dalekwise was the re-construction of a new dalek. Ashley decided to use an old dalek middle he found in his garden (yes, honestly) and slat it in the style of Death to the Daleks, as 2014 marks the fortieth year anniversary of that Jon Pertwee story. And we are all Jon Pertwee fans as you may imagine! Here's some of the construction...


2014 Brighton

2014 saw two major changes from the previous exhibit. We were now positioned back near the main windows of the Brighton Centre, so that the sun (such that it was) could stream in through the TARDIS walls and create a brilliant effect. Actually, as planned, the walls looked great just with the normal light coming in through the windows - overcast weather seemed to do the trick.


Dalekworld at Brighton Modelworld 2015

What's in store this year you ask? Or maybe you didn't. The intention this year is to try to capture the magic and success of lkast year's exhibit, but with a subtle addition. Ashley has been working on this over the past few weeks, hence the lack of updates to the website - any excuse! Actually he has been meeting with fellow Devious-ians and TheNeverWas-ians David and Mark to see the completion of the latter and the resurrection of the former.

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