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Evil of the Daleks

The Doctor and Maxtible

"Devious" were both excited and honoured to help in this landmark production! This production managed a sell-out run with great reviews. Thanks to everyone down in Portsmouth for making the experience truly unforgettable - to see the audience reaction when the daleks and later the emperor appeared made the whole thing worthwhile!

The Devious Team assisted with the production at various stages - Ashley built the daleks and emperor, whilst Stephen and David from the team helped with some of the logistics during the run.

On these pages we're hoping to add some content as a retrospective to this play which has just finished its run in Portsmouth. Please bear with us as we reorganise the existing content and make some additions...

Rob from the Evil  Team in Ashley's kitchen whilst a certain prop gets a bit of a tan...


The official website for the production was at and the web address is now occupied by an excellent site devoted to the Evil of the Daleks story in all it's forms. Also of great note is the excellent DalekLinks. The play has also been featured at WhoCast and has had a lot of publicity both on the web and in other media. Now that the play has finished we will be adding more new content on this site to show the production from our perspective.