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cast and crew

Wednesday 1st November 2006

After the last performance we managed to stage this wonderful picture! Thanks to Mike from the theatre for his steady hand - and the tripod helped too!


And we were... (and still are)...


  1. Tim Skedge (Mr Kennedy)
  2. Sally Evans (Ruth)
  3. James George (Maxtible)
  4. John Paul McCrohon (Jamie)
  5. Martin Johnson (Music)
  6. Nick Scovell (Adaptor, Director, The Doctor)
  7. Ashley Nealfuller (builder of Daleks & Emperor)
  8. Rosie Grant (Victoria)
  9. Rob Thrush (Producer, Dalek Voices, Sets)
  10. Lewis Bailey (Waterfield)
  11. Jane Hartley (Mollie)
  12. Phil Cottril (Terral, emp guard Dalek operator)
  13. Keith Hartley (Dalek 'fettling')
  14. Dave Tozer (Stage Manager, Lighting)
  15. Helen Stoddart (emp guard Dalek operator)
  16. Jonathan Andrews (Emperor Dalek)
  17. Liam Bailey (silver Dalek)
  18. Lorna Bailey (silver Dalek)
  19. Andrew J Haslam (supreme gold Dalek)
  20. Lee Garrett (Lighting)