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cast and crew meet up

Thursday 18th May 2006

(Also on main Devious news area)

Ashley popped down to meet the full team behind the Evil of the Daleks for a photocall and chat at a hidden location near Havant near Portsmouth. The evening meant cast and backstage people could meet - and try out the dalek voicebox moogerfooger!!! Well, Ashley tried it but clammed up as he didn't like an audience apparently - fine for someone puportedly doing some of the dalek voices for Devious! The cast included Nick Scovell who plays the Doctor and Nick Briggs who is to supply the dalek voice (hence the modulator being present!) and photos from the event (Ashley took a few to assist) will be available on the Evil of the Daleks site as soon as possible - presumably! We won't preview any of Ashley's shots until the Evil site have done theirs!


More work has progressed on the dalek moulds for the new castings. With luck the first castings will be next weekend (not this weekend as the fibreglass has not been ordered in time!) - so this weekend further mould preparation will take place. Ashley reports that he is very keen to get the first one cast as he is especially nervous about these new castings - the first new dalek bases in a few years from his "production line" and effectively they'll be upwards of the ninth bases onwards! Of course some of the old ones will be destroyed if the new ones are up to scratch - the balls being transferred across as they're rather expensive - so if anyone wants some old dalek bases made of wood they're welcome to contact us!