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Children In Need - thanks

Monday 20th November 2006

Hi there everyone. Thanks to everyone at BBC South and the Spinnaker Tower for making us so welcome last Friday! Rob and Ashley took the gold dalek down to the Spinnaker Tower for the Children In Need event. We had a great time, although it got off to a dodgy start when Ashley was delayed by an hour in arriving due to Network Rail. Immense thanks to First Great Western for cancelling their Cardiff train - apparently a stray leaf had landed on a line. Or something.

Still, Rob coped amazingly well and managed to get the dalek along to the stage and only met up with Ashley once an observant (and very helpful) security guard noticed his tee-shirt (Evil of the Daleks) and said "I've just seen a dalek in the tower reception". So finally the two met up - witness here...


...and then Ashley got Rob back into the dalek ready for the ascent in the lift. Only then when the dome went down, Ashley noticed straight ahead of him (the other side of the dalek) were The Cheeky Girls. Ashley then proceeded to talk to them (poor girls) and forgot Rob entirely! Well almost. As Rob correctly pointed out - we should have had a quick photo of them next to the dalek. Oh well - Ashley was too distracted obviously. Tart that he is.



Cue photo of Cheeky Girls on stage earlier...
Anyway - back to the festivities... After an ear-popping trip up the tower there we were. Rob in the dalek with no view of the amazing view, and Ashley downplaying that same view to spare his feelings. We had a quick chat with the presenters especially Georgie (who normally does the weather on South Today) who went through what would happen. It was decided that as we only had 15 seconds the dalek would be interviewed and Ashley stand behind! Knowing Ashley's ability to remember a line this was definitely the best plan. "Donate donate donate" daleked Rob. Now that's a new verb. I dalek, you dalek we all dalek. Anyway he did - and it sounded great. Thanks to Stuart's wonderful portable voicebox and Rob's great delivery we certainly made the best of our 15 seconds. Even Ashley smiled for 15 seconds - no lines, you see!
A quick photo (2 it seems) with Sally Taylor the main South Today presenter who was hosting the evening (and you can see Georgie behind actually).
and then after watching an amazing abseil by Pudsey we went down in the lift again...
And of course once we were down in the cafe again - we couldn't get Rob out as loads of people wanted their photo. Some of these photos Ashley took and they will be in the 'ME WITH A DALEK' section in this website.
And just when poor Rob wanted to get out we were told to go back over to the main stage again (a few hundred yards/metres over pavement) as something else was going to happen. Actually for us it didn't as we didn't feature again but then we had already been seen so we couldn't see why they wanted us again. Anyway we did get a view of the band and then the fireworks, and Rob managed to demonstrate the voicebox and loads more photos were taken.

All in all a great night out and again we want to thank not only the BBC and Spinnaker Tower staff and the security guards but chiefly YOU the people who donated cash in the buckets we went round with after the performances of Evil of the Daleks at the New Theatre Royal back at the end of October!

Thanks again!