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dalek postscript

Monday 6th November 2006

well, they performed ok didn't they! One or two little hiccups but then we were expecting something.

the design changes

As for the design of the daleks, Ashley, Nick and Rob felt that we needed to make changes to reflect the 3 main influences for this play.

  1. Firstly the new series - hence the new dome light assembly and eyestick cowling requirement.
  2. Secondly the original series - so they had to be silver with silver domes for the main daleks and dark-domed for the emperor guards. Gold was chosen for the supreme dalek ( an addition by Nick) and so the homage was to the supreme dalek in Planet of the Daleks - hence the blacked-out neck rods.
  3. Thirdly - something new for this play. We went for green. British Racing Green effectively (Ashley likes Formula1) or was it that his family car is that colour? No actually - the green was arrived at through a three way discussion and then Ashley endeavoured to find the nearest one available. And so the blue skirt balls went to dark green (humbrol3) and the black domes went the same way to match. And the gold dalek nearly had a green dome but luckily this was resisted. Also new was the cowling itself. Rather than copy the new series domes with the cowling and the grooves we had to be practical. These new domes had to be able to be converted back to normal Devious domes and so the cowling is metal and rivetted on. And also the other little change was the double shield-slat on the front which you may have bnoticed also denoted the rank.

And then of course the emperor...

More details on the build will be added to the site in this section!

the Hiccups (or is it hiccoughs?)

Backstage there was very little room to get the daleks and operators ready and this was often by torchlight - so it was not surprising we would have a problem like the second part of the final performance - ie a silver dome wasn't seated properly. This was the only problem that was really noticeable and naturally Ashley had kittens when he saw the problem. He even wanted to get word to the stage so someone could correct it but then the performance was the thing.

A distraction like the dome only bothers people who get wound up by the look of the dalek - they should have watched the show. The problem was that in order to be able to get very quick access to the dome lights - as we all thought they would be the most likely problem - the domes were not screwed down to the turning mechanism. After the dress rehearsal the gold dalek dome was screwed down but the others were left as we wanted to be able to change the bulb set if there were failures especially as the two silver daleks had such a large part of the play. Still, Ashley is still bothered by it (a bit) but when asked he says that the fact that the Emperor Eye Stick light was lit made up for this little slip. it was just one of those things that the reviewers (and friends you haven't seen for ages) notice but we think everyone agreed it was nothing really.