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dalek rehearsals

Wednesday 20th September 2006

Well, some daleks were tried out at rehearsals last Friday (15th) and the session went reasonably well (from the point of view of the dalek build, that is)! The only hiccough was when it became clear that the plunger and gunstick needed a more solid fixing than had been fitted. Devious daleks only had to be operational for a few minutes at a time and so any imperfections were "lived with". However with these variants needing to be on stage for the length of the play it was felt by Ashley that different gunbox fittings need to be supplied.

Now Ashley is hoping to take these down and fit them this coming Friday although he currently has a cold and is feeling a bit bleah and may not make it on time. Although he is hoping to be fit enough for a good weekend's work on the remaining dalek casings...