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daleks - 1

Monday 6th November 2006

Firstly here's two silver daleks with skirt balls painted but the near one needs slats and mesh...In fact this near one ended up as a black dalek emperor guard - ie had a dark green dome. You can tell as the middle had a little stub at the front of the lower middle shoulder band (the silver ones had no such stub - and of course the supreme gold dalek had an enlarged stub the reflect the shield double slat).




Next here they are again - with both now with slats and mesh (the second one was a new build middle and so needed new slats and mesh!) - notice the shield-shaped double front slat - a design change specifically for "evil". Also you can see the adapted eyestalk cowling. Again this was designed for this play and not intended to be a copy of the actual design in the new tv series. It was intended to be detachable so we could convert accordingly.
Here we see an array of balls all awaiting the resin which seals the fixing bolt to the hemisphere. They're all also blue which does look really good. So we went for the dark green which was the colour scheme intended to look black when low stage lighting was used - it was hoped you wouldn't really notice too much the green until you saw it in context of the others... And below here are two new base casts in their raw state. They then had to be sanded and painted with undercoat and then the silver. They also had the wooden safety structure built inside. The base at the back near the gate is actually resting on top of the dalek emperor head (under the tarpaulin).
And here's the first version of the new dome light structure. Made from perspex it did the job although Ashley later used wood for speed of construction. The glass tube was in fact a specialist frosted plastic bought online in 1 foot long lengths. Expensive but visually just what we wanted.