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ear ear

Sunday 2nd April 2006

Well we did say we'd keep you posted re the Evil of the Daleks preparations. This will be a regular feature - every blue moon, honest.

So far this weekend has been on the dalek "ears" - ie the dome lights. Now the daleks are being adapted as you may have seen, and so the Devious dome lights will be replaced with something more appropriate to the stage play. The functionality needs to be tested too as the lights need to be bright enough to be seen onstage amongst the rest of the lighting. In Devious the dome lights were not activated live for the simple reason that we could revoice and rewrite any dalek scenes later knowing that we could do the lights avec le computer. However for a live performance the lights must be 100% functional.

And they are going to look different. The image of the dalek on the top of this subsite does not show the domelights for a reason - they're not finished them yet! A full working battery-operated switchable set has been built this weekend (this is written this sunday night) and one "ear" housing is part constructed although some acrylic needs to be delivered before the housing is complete. They're certainly bright and there are two types of plastic clear and frosted depending on how bright the lights need to be.

And are the lights going to look like the new series dalek lights? And the rest of the dalek? Well we're going to see how things look as they develop - the "Evil" crew want to have something unique to their production with a nod to the new series as well as a recognition of the past. And we'd like to add something extra too but we'll see how things develop.

More later...