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emperor - 1

Monday 6th November 2006

...was a challenge! Devious already had an emperor dalek but not the full height. Due to our filming location we couldn't fit in the full height. And besides the Devious emperor was made with hardboard as the panels which Ashley felt would be too flimsy for the explosions. And so the straps and balls etc were stripped from the shell and loads of wood was thrown away.

New vanes and a head were made and a second dome made (the top one being a spare dalek dome). This secondary dome was 12 sided rather than hemispherical as a design change but this seemed to work ok. The vanes (below) were plywood and glued together with a fixing strut along the top. They had holes where we intended lights to shine through.


They would either have had individually-wired lights or a set of 12 flashing as one. If this was not possible (and time was our enemy once we got to the theatre) then a single bright light inside the head wouldn have projected enough through these holes to give the effect we wanted amongst all the smoke. As it was this internal light was not fitted - just the eyestick light was used.


They were then painted white (as we had hoped to do some Devious close ups if there was time) before the final colour was added a few months later...