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emperor - 2

Monday 6th November 2006


As you can see above, the new head was built using a strip of hardboard bent round ywo discs of plywood. These had holes in of course, and after all was set the head had slots added to allow the internal light to shine through the vanes.

The decision was taken to follow the Devious emperor and have the whole head turning (as we believe the original did) rather than just the eyestick in the domes. This we felt was more dramatic and meant the operator wouldn't have to keep lifting the eyestick up from the vanes before turning it which would be very irritating.


And here's the head ready for the vane attachment...

A bigger pivot hole would have been better (Stuart from the most excellent Dalek Builders Club made a great suggestion after the last night - and so a change may still be made) - although what was built meant we could have a turning head on stage. The only regret is not giving the operator some visibility - so double double points again for John who did such sterling work during the run.

]and now the body...]