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emperor - 3

Monday 6th November 2006


And boy did that have to be strong! And of course once the 12 panels were put together it was ever so strong. No further strengtheners were ever added. Once it was screwed down at the theatre it would not have shifted despite whatever Dave Tozer and his bag of explosives could do!


Here we can see the new body sections alongside the original Devious panels. You can see how most of the original was salvaged - the struts and strips were so painstakingly created originally by Ashley (and even filmed making them by Bill Baggs for South Today) that it was never the plan to replace anything unnecessarily. And so with a heavy heart, the Devious emperor panels were sent down the tip!



And always the body was comparted to the Devious 5th scale model. This model was the VERY FIRST thing Ashley built back in the 1980s and pretty much started or helped inspire the whole Devious project! Also the intention was always to ensure that the new Evil emperor would keep the same dimensions as its earlier Devious version so we could interchange them and cover any closeup shots needed.



A template was built first and the panels put together in quarters. This template was built so it had guaranteed ninety degree corners - essential as Ashley's patio has a few degree lean! Anybody foolish enough to sit in a dalek with the side gates open will soon travel the mile or so to the sea at 70 miles an hour leaving a brown mark all the way there. The panels were then "balled up" as such - the balls being pulled from the Devious version. Deliberately rough-finished fibreglass castings they look good in matt black and so changing the colours would be a gamble.
The edge strips were also only glued on one side of each panel so the body could be taken apart into 12 pieces if necessary. In effect it was - and is - stored in blocks of three.