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emperor - 4

Monday 6th November 2006


Well, once the whole lot was put together we had to turn to the colour scheme.


Once we knew we were going to use the green on the daleks we knew the emperor had to follow suit. The green was always intended to be like the blue - ie a colour you wouldn't work out under the intended bleak lighting for the first part of the play, and you'd only realise it was green when enough lighting was shown on stage when the gold supreme and emperor guards came on. They had to have the green domes as the green was our "colour" version of the black!

The original intention was to use copper both on the emperor and even some dalek detail. From early on we kept the silver but the copper or brass or something was still intended for the emperor. Once Ashley had painted the balls in copper and the some of the lower black zigzag panels in the same he took one look at it and promptly ditched the copper. It would have shouted red yellow and green if we had kept the gold as intended and looked more like a traffic light.

The gold was always the intention - and the emperor was very nearly going to be just gold and black - ie gold being our version of the original white. But with the supreme dalek being gold we needed to tie that one to the colours of the silver daleks and guards and so it had to have the green balls (it nearly had gold skirt balls). Consequently to give the feeling that the Supreme weas representing the emperor or was tied to it we thought we'd bring the green through to the emperor as well - hence the green balls!

Oh yes and we went through hoops trying to get the gold right. The silver daleks were originally Japlac silver and now Hammerite silver, and so the colour we ended up with was Hammerite gold as according to Ashley "was as gold a gold as the silver was silver". Yeah right. Well he knew what he meant. Initially Ashley wanted the gold to be a brilliant almost blinding metallic gold which would have been much more expensive and doubtless shwon all the surface flaws for which Ashley is always touchy anyway! (He always maintains that his daleks are built for stage or screen and not designed to be viewed up close - we saw him a bit edgy when some of the Dalek Builders Club (which he is awe of by the way) took a look on stage after one performance. Ashley always says that to get that museum-finish all is needed is loads more sanding, smoothing, filling, better moulds and loads more hours - but then he has a young family and a life to lead).

Still we digress as always. The final gold was fine on stage as we thought. With great lighting from Dave and Lee it looked great. Without great lighting on an overcast day on Ashley's patio the gold tended to merge with the green and look sour, like a muddy Norwich City football kit stretched over a frame. 


Still, perseverance and we ended up, via a quick deconstruct...
and a van journey... with the final effect...
See how even James George as Maxtible has fainted at the majesty of it all!

Well maybe...