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final touches

Wednesday 11th October 2006

is now progressing on the last daleks ready for transportation down to Portsmouth for the play. Oh yes, and desperately checking with Nick that there's still a seat available to see the epic - although Ashley will doubtless be too nervous to watch! Already he's panicking about a dalek falling off the stage or some such accident making the national press. So don't be surprised if you see guard rails, dalek zimmer frames and loads of warning notices and reversing bleeping throughout the show. Well you know how safety conscious the world is now! - and rightfully so...

To be fair - the props are being checked properly and all precautions being taken - even being treated with anti-flame protectant for any wood components for the stage - we don't want a blaze when an operator wants a crafty fag. Hang on, smoking is banned in the theatre and so we should be ok there! (Maybe you'll see all the operators during the break round the back of the theatre- with their tops off !?!?!)

So Ashley is spending this last preparatory weekend ensuring the final daleks have everything they need to give the performances of their short little lives! Not so short actually as the last one is actually a 1993 vintage prop. It was originally signed by JNT when he visited our Devious set and has been refurbished with a new fibreglass base.

And one of the other daleks is causing a weebit of grief with it's dome but should be ok despite being left out in the rain! Oops.

We'll sort that.