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First Night

Thursday 26th October 2006

Amazing. At last we've made it to the first night without it all going pear-shaped. Even the daleks are still with us. At one stage with all the modifications I was making to them I thought they'd all trounce off back to Skaro. One sight of a screwdriver and they'd up skirts and run.

So, they did their stuff last night. At key points you could see the kids (and even some adults) get visibly excited and you could hear a collective gasp at one point! Superb! To see the kids so excited has made all this worth while - certainly for me. And the bonus is that any money made goes to Children In Need!

Certainly there are issues here and there with things but for a first night it seemed to go well as I saw it. To put on something as ambitious as this particular story was always going to be a challenge, and to adapt something as seminal as Evil for the theatre is bound to attract criticism. But to see this adaptation properly as I did last night from various places in the auditorium I am proud to say I have been a part of it.

And even on my way home at the station I saw Rosie Grant the young actress playing Victoria Waterfield deluged by autograph hunters! (Even if the kids were travelling with myself and Rowlie Darby from Patcham School !!!). If Rosie lets me we'll have a picture of this on the site at some point!

Ashley - 26th October