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great rehearsal

Saturday 30th September 2006

...last night (29 Sep). Ashley popped down to Portsmouth - on a train - with one third of a dalek no less - and watched a great rehearsal from the Evil Team. It's really coming together well now and the daleks were also properly voiced this time along with clips from the specially-written backing music so the whole thing looked great. We felt we were in that Victorian House already!

And the third of a dalek? Well Ashley had worried about the gunbox fixings on one of them last time and so he did a swap of the whole middle section with another completed one so he could make modifications to the faulty one in more comfort back home later. Also one of the light sets misbehaved as the connector block inside the dome decided it wouldn't connect but that's easily solved. In fact on the Sunday before the play on the build day all dalek problemettes will be sorted if they haven't been by then. We say problemettes as its really just ensuring each operator and dalek are happy and comfortable together and the obvious things work as they should!

We also had some borrowed daleks from Stuart (surname temporarily forgotten by your not-so-clever reporter) to make the numbers up that night and so we may put some more pics up on the site from the rehearsals but they won't feature the Evil-Daleks themselves...