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Wednesday 29th March 2006

Evil of the Daleks - news and info about the forthcoming production will be available here in due course! firstly here's the initial news item from the Devious site

Evil of the Daleks - THE STAGE PLAY - is coming to Portsmouth later this year! And now we can announce it on this site and help our friends down in that fine city with their latest production - the famous "lost" Troughton story. These chaps have already brought you Fury from the Deep and Web of Fear fully licenced from the BBC and original writers and writers' agents/estate. They put together very professional performances and it is true to say that Evil of the Daleks will be well worth waiting for. Ambitious? Certainly - but if you don't have ambition you don't achieve.

We are also delighted to announce here at Devious Towers that we have an involvement in this production. We (well Ashley mainly) are supplying the NEW dalek fleet and also .... ????

Hang on! - NEW daleks? Don't you have some already? Well, we're going to refurbish and redesign (even some recasting) some of our props especially for the production. They will be equipped to perform well on stage and as we complete the rebuild we will give some updates on this site no doubt. We'll have a new subsection of the site or a subsite - probably with a path of /evilofthedaleks - in which we'll give updates on how the preparations are coming along. (now don't try that link 'cause you're already here!!!) However you may not see any finished daleks or emperors in their entirety as we certainly don't want to steal any thunder from the production and so the new props will be kept under wraps until October!

Their production can be seen at

their 1st trailer can be downloaded from here. Another has been completed - see their website...