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hush hush

Friday 4th August 2006

It's all very well people saying you can keep up with the prop-build progress on the Devious website. Only we can't actually show you anything yet! It's all a bit "hush hush". Perhaps there's a mould we could show you but that'd be quite dull. However if nothing is seen soon we'll have to show that picture!

Needless to say Ashley has been scurrying around building things and there's a little less wood and metal and stuff out there in the world now as he's used a good percentage of it so far on things.

To compensate for - or perhaps exacerbate - this situation all we can do at this stage is show you a picture of a dalek which isn't in the production, flanked by two people who are...



And the people are of course the audio and visual aspect of the daleks in Evil - Nick Briggs (acclaimed actor, writer and now the voice of the daleks on BBC TV) and on the right we have Ashley Nealfuller (unacclaimed and unclaimed).

Now we know that in no way does this compensate you for the lack of news but rest assured you will see prop pics here first! DalekLinks are running a series of articles about the production so you can see the rest of the pics from this sequence there...

The dalek featured is a very good build and is a resident of the Portsmouth area by the way!