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the Martin Johnson score

Thursday 2nd November 2006

a word from Martin Johnson - Composer:
'Evil of the Daleks - The Stage Play'

Hi all,

Well what can I say!


I really did have a fantastic week. This last year has been a challenge, a learning experience and during the last week one of the most exciting things I have ever been involved with. I'm a huge Dr Who fan anyway and the Daleks even more so. Being involved with the production will stay with me forever and I hope I'll be involved again in a later production if they want me to return to compose the music.

Hearing my music to this amazing production in front of a live audience was the biggest buzz ever especially when the emporor was revealed and everyone applauded! If you wasn't too hypnotized by the fantastic acting, the wonderful script, and the revamped Daleks then I hope you had the chance to listen to my music score. I was really hoping everyone liked it as it took a hell of a lot of hard work to produce and being a Whovian myself I was afraid people wouldn't like how dark it was. It turned out that everyone I talked to loved the music and some even said it was better than Murray Gold, which threw me a lot since I can't read/write music or play an instrument as some of you heard during the mini-con, hehe. I had more than a dozen people tell me that and I was overwhelmed by the comments!

I was even being asked for autographs too and that gave me a strange feeling as I've been one of those asking for signings in the past!


So I'd like to thank everyone who spoke to me as you have given me the confidence to try even harder persuing my dreams and ambitions.

I'd also like to thank every one of you that made it to the show as we have raised a phenomenal amount of money!

It was a great week and I will never forget the powerful performance that was 'The Evil of the Daleks - On Stage'.


Martin Johnson

Could I also ask people to download them instead of streaming them as I have been having bandwidth limitation trouble, hehehe.