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new dalek casings

Tuesday 15th August 2006

Finally we can show you some new images from the prop builds for the play at Portsmouth. Here's the inside of the mould before casting preparation (polishing and release agent etc)...





...and here's the thing from the outside after having shed its contents...

As you can see the mould opens out to allow for the casting to be removed - and then it is reassembled ready for the next one!

The original intention was to cast from one of the original Devious set but careful measurement of the intended target meant that Ashley preferred to make a new "negative" base from wood so as to economise on storage space (it's bad enough storing bases without moulds as well). The mould from the earlier casting (the fully-radio-controlled Black Dalek) had been destroyed some years ago. Even though the mould is from wood it retains when rebuilt the distinctive twist of the front panels. Purists will doubtless try to measure them and compare them but you must remember these are adaptions made to work on the stage so there may be some subtle differences to allow for easy construction and use and may differ from the Devious casings.

So here are two bases ready for sanding, filling (Ashley always moans that he never makes a perfect casting) and primary painting.


If you count all the previous daleks he has built then we're well into double figures now. Now as for the colour scheme we will keep you in suspense as we're going to try out a few. Also as you can see from the picture above the lower part of the base is separate in these versions. Two or three of the later ones from the original Devious set were also constructed the same way albeit from wood and it was found that these bases were much stronger and more capable of good movement (i.e. could go like the clappers). It is to be hoped that with the right strengthening inside these new bases will be just right for the stage being lighter than their wooden counterparts.

More castings are to be made although the mould has been disassembled for a week or two whilst these two bases are brought up to standard and wheeled etc.

More images and updates as soon as we can!