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sets and props

Wednesday 1st November 2006

Full details of the build of the new daleks, including the Emperor, as well as some information on the set. Sorry we had to hide pictures of these over the summer but a decision had been made to keep "the look" of the daleks a secret. Just part of the fun - nothing sinister! It all added to the suspense.

Would you believe it - whilst Ashley was on stage on night after the show (see left) somebody even suggested there was something of the David Tennant about him! So naturally that made his day - normally he was happy if the sets and props made it to the end of the show! Naturally there are always worries like this during a live show - so to get through the week with only a slightly leaning dalek dome on one performance and the odd mis-firing light was something of a relief. Even the emperor eye stalk light worked on the final performance!