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Very Very Tired

Sunday 29th October 2006


As I (Ashley) write this I am barely awake. Staying up til 3 chatting and the after-show party really takes it out of you. And then the daleks had to be returned to my house in preparation for further storage. Those casings have never seemed heavier. So I hope you will forgive us if we take a day or two to get our thoughts together before we get things onto this site. Both the site and this Devious-Evil sub-site will feature some photos from the show I'm sure - just bear with us over the next few days or so!

People also queued to get their photo with a dalek (or several) afterwards, providing they dropped some coins etc into a bucket collecting for donation to Children In Need. On some occasions we asked people if they wanted their picture to appear on the website afterwards. So look out those of you who were happy for this and we'll get the pictures up onto the site as soon as we can.

In the mean time whilst we go away and lie down in darkened rooms (or actually go out and get some fresh air and sunlight) we'll leave you now with a picture from the dress rehearsal (above).

See you all soon and thanks for coming along!

The Evil of the Daleks Team