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the devious project

Monday 25th July 2005

"The Devious Project" is the general name we give to the whole experiences we've had making the film. It's more than the film itself - it has to be since we've been making the ***** thing over a decade and a half (or however long it is..).


It is a team effort - the main trio responsible being Ashley Nealfuller, David V Clarke and Stephen Cranford. A "spare-time-on-occasions" project, the enterprise has taken many many years to get to this stage, and hopes are high that it can be brought to a conclusion at last, with the final scenes (modelwork) currently being planned. Although an amateur project the sets and props have been built by the team as close as possible to the originals, and as such our TARDIS interior and daleks have been borrowed by the BBC on occasions, most notably for their 1999 Comic Relief sketch (see news archive & later on this page). The team have also had the honour of working with a genuine "Doctor Who" - namely Jon Pertwee who reprised his role (possibly for the last time) for a particular scene in Devious.

completing the regeneration

This website is intended to keep people up to date with the progress of this epic, with pictures and screen-grabs and info. We hope you enjoy the site! - it's all done just done for fun.

Take a look round the site and see what you think - we'll have to add a guest book at some stage! You'll see from the cast and crew pages that when we speak of "The Team" it's really a lot larger than the three named above. They're just the guys who try to co-ordinate it and keep it on track. Nothing happens in any filming session or event unless everyone we need is available - and anyone trying to co-ordinate any number of people for a meeting will know how difficult that can be so it's no wonder we've been so long...


Tony Garner is The DoctorAturo is played by Arthur HarrodAnthony Townsend plays both Phillip and CallistoBrogar - played by 'the mysterious Mandy'