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the Doctor Who web guide

Tuesday 7th March 2006 - this is the link to see the best link guide to Doctor Who

This list is now not being updated any more as Paul Harman is having trouble in keeping it up to date and has decided to stop updating it. So we still seem to be listed as a removed site which is very unfair since we get loads of hits and are very active in terms of updates compared to a lot of sites. Ashley has emailed Paul a couple of times before his self imposed August closure of the site asking for Devious and indeed Evil of the Daleks to be included. So now of course although his list is not now guaranteed it is still being used by sites such as Outpost Gallifrey and we feel this is unfair to up and coming new Dr Who sites as well as ones like ours which have been running for years and years.

Of course we should always be grateful that someone has taken the trouble to create this links site in the first place. A worthy idea and we thank Paul and others like him for this type of site. Well done!