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Ian Watts and the Big Brother Robot Wars Team

Wednesday 8th May 2002

Ian Watts from the Big Brother Robot Wars Team (as per BBC1/BBC2/BBC Choice etc etc etc!!!) is an expert with radio control. After a chance meeting and discussion at 2001's Brighton ModelWorld show Ashley has worked with him on the Black Dalek for Devious.

Well, to be more precise most of the expertise and work has been from Ian! Still, Ashley is learning ... gradually. However this collaboration has meant that you may catch sight of the radio-controlled dalek round the country this year as it has occasionally accompanied Ian at exhibitions or displays. You can visit Ian's site here.

Oh yes - you noticed - the Black Dalek is entirely silver. Well, we're working on that!

Ian has been marvellous with the dalek - not least for putting up with it whilst it's not been on show! - it now has it's own space - see the news item 25th July 2002.....