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Thursday 31st October 2002
  • link to us

    If you want to link to us (and we'd love that!) then please use this banner (until we come up with some better ones!) - just copy and paste into your site...

    If you find that any of our links are wrong - please let us know via the SAY HELLO section! And if you want us to link to you then...SAY HELLO section!

  • evil of the daleks

    Evil of the Daleks - THE STAGE PLAY

    - see the Devious NEWS and EVIL sections for news of the production from our ownperspective, although for a great retrospective and an analysis of the Evil story itself you are well advised to go to the excellent site at

  • The Official BBC Dr Who Site & Outpost Gallifrey

    The Official BBC site is of course the main place to go for news on the new series and also the "classic" series . The best other place for news is at the excellent Outpost Gallifrey. But then you knew all that!

  • Area 51 Radio Station
  • Big Finish

    The best audio adventures you'll hear. Not just Dr Who - they now encompass The Tomorrow People, Judge Dredd and standalone Dalek epics.

    If you've never tried one then start now! - Try "The Holy Terror" or "The Chimes of Midnight".

    These people are the best hope for Dr Who's future. A professional outfit with big ideas. Big Finish can be reached here...

  • Dalek Links

    The excellent Dalek Links website...

  • DVC and Ashley X

    Naturally we had to link to where this site was originally hosted, as well as to DVC - Digital Video Computing of Hove, East Sussex (01273 707200) - the managing director of which is one David V Clarke.... Certain others of his colleagues at this successful company you may recognise too!

    Ashley also runs another site not connected with Dr Who - his Ashley X Gary Numan site

    the Ashley X Gary Numan site

  • Experience Sound and Light

    Formerly known as 'The Party Experience' - one of our crowd runs 'Experience Sound and Light' - website at Here Paul who runs the business has a few words...


    experience sound and light logo

    We do not use that awful word ?DISCO? as we arenot a DISCO... (whoops... we used it!) We are a complete sound & light EXPERIENCE

    As well as being experts in providing large scale sound & lighting, we are now offering scaled down versions that are suitable for smaller and more intimate venues. Our show packages are now known as ?Experiences? and offer a wide range of choice starting with our ?Bronze Experience' and continues right up to our ?Platinum Experience?.

    All of our ?experiences? use the most up to date professional equipment available costing in excess of ?40,000. This combined with the expertise of experienced lighting and sound engineers produce a show that will amaze.

    So - nothing whatsoever to do with Doctor Who or filmmaking! but we did borrow some of the lighting for the recent TARDIS filming sessions! So pop along and take a look and if you're in the South of England (inclusing London) and are organising a party then give them a shout!

  • Gardner & Scardifield

    A link here to the excellent Gardner & Scardifield all-purpose builders, ironmongers, garden centre, housewares etc etc where a good part of the sets and props materials for Devious have been sourced from... Going into the main shop it's almost (I say almost) like the Fork Handles sketch from the Two Ronnies... (only they do find what you want!)

  • Griffin the Movie & TAFFKIRK FILMS

    Griffin - world premiereSunday 23rd January 2005 at the Dome in Worthing West Sussex.

    Go to their site for more details - it's at

    Griffin stars Chris Ellison, Hugh Lloyd, Mark Jones, Sally Longhurstand the voice of Sylvester McCoy

  • Ian Watts and the Big Brother Robot Wars Team

    Ian Watts from the Big Brother Robot Wars Team (as per BBC1/BBC2/BBC Choice etc etc etc!!!) is an expert with radio control. After a chance meeting and discussion at 2001's Brighton ModelWorld show Ashley has worked with him on the Black Dalek for Devious.

    Well, to be more precise most of the expertise and work has been from Ian! Still, Ashley is learning ... gradually. However this collaboration has meant that you may catch sight of the radio-controlled dalek round the country this year as it has occasionally accompanied Ian at exhibitions or displays. You can visit Ian's site here.

    Oh yes - you noticed - the Black Dalek is entirely silver. Well, we're working on that!

    Ian has been marvellous with the dalek - not least for putting up with it whilst it's not been on show! - it now has it's own space - see the news item 25th July 2002.....

  • Martin Johnson - Composer

    Martin Johnson composed the excellent score for the recent Evil of the Daleks stage adaptation. His website is here...

  • Millais Gallery, Southampton
    The MillaisGallery where Roy Brown mounted an exhibition featuring 15 daleks. For a full explanation see the Latest News page. The exhibition ran from the 1st of November until 14th December 2002 in Southampton, England.
  • My Dalek Life - behind the scenes of the Masterplan play

    My Dalek Life - Behind the Scenes at the Masterplan Play

    Go here an excellent blog featuring a unique perspective on the recent Masterplan play. Well worth a visit!

  • Outpost Gallifrey

    The obvious place to start for your Dr Who news...!

    Link to Outpost Gallifrey
    Outpost Gallifrey: The Doctor Who News & Information Magazine

  • Rich?s ComixBlog - The Ten Doctors this is the address for Rich?s ComixBlog and the excellent comic strip THE TEN DOCTORS. And on page 120 a mysterious new incarnation of the Doctor makes an appearance. The plot decrees that a new incarnation is summoned up by the 2nd Doctor and well, you need to go and take a look! It's excellent!

  • Shawcraft Robotics

    Shawcraft Robotics is the website of Andy Shaw from the Liverpool area - a well known builder of daleks, cybermen and the mysterious "Numan" robot - hmm. We met with him at 2001's Dimensions On Tyne convention and at the Liverpool Day of the Daleks convention the year before. Asfellow prop builders we have swapped anecdotes but never tips (Ashley fiercely guards his strange methods) and have also worked with him on a hitherto-hidden cyber-flashback scene to be used in Devious (photos next year if you're good!!!)...

  • Stephen Cranford - Southern Counties Radio

    Stephen Cranford is a presenter on the Saturday Mid Morning show - part of the team led by Stephen Grant - on the BBC Southern Counties radio station serving Sussex Surrey - doubtless you can get recordings via podcasts and other such gizmos if you happen to live further afield like the majority of people who visit the Devious site! Anyway the link to the radio station is here.

  • Tenth Planet

    Yes I know there are two shops specialising in Dr Who only a few miles apart in the east London area but I just wanted to put a link in for 10th Planet at Barking as they hosted a great celebration of Doctor Who's Fortieth on Sunday 23rd November 2003. - great day thanks chaps - Ashley

    oh yes - the link...
    tenth planet

  • the Doctor Who web guide this is the link to see the best link guide to Doctor Who

    This list is now not being updated any more as Paul Harman is having trouble in keeping it up to date and has decided to stop updating it. So we still seem to be listed as a removed site which isvery unfairsince we get loads of hits and are very active in terms of updates compared to a lot of sites. Ashley has emailed Paul a couple of times before his self imposed August closure of the site asking for Devious and indeed Evil of the Daleks to be included. So now of course although his list is not now guaranteed it is still being used by sites such as Outpost Gallifrey and we feel this is unfair to up and coming new Dr Who sites as well as ones like ours which have been running for years and years.

    Of course we should always be grateful that someone has taken the trouble to create this links site in the first place. A worthy idea and we thank Paul and others like him for this type of site. Well done!

  • the old devious site on geocities

    For some bizarre reason the old Geocities website for Devious is still retained at it will not be updated. It should be removed really as it's hopelessly out of date (like us lot)!

  • The Time Machine

    Various members of the Devious crowd recently saw The Time Machine (the 1960 version) again - a superb film and doubtless an inspiration to many. What you may not know is that the film has still quite an active following even after all these years, and most intriguing is the following link "The Time Machine Project"

  • The Who Shop International

    The Who Shop - for all your Doctor Who related items including books, DVDs, videos, posters, collectibles, toys and t-shirts. They are in East Ham London, accessible on the web here...

    They recently supported the Evil of the Daleks stage play.

  • The World of Dr Who Fan Videos

    We're not the only ones spending our leisure time making movies - and soon we hope to have links to other fan-made films that we know of - i.e. one of our number knows a great deal about "Blake's Legend" but he's not saying much at the moment! In the meantime here's a few (and only a few) of the Doctor Who project websites that are out there. If you run one yourself, please get in contact with us and we can swap links!

    We will not prejudge or make any comments against our links, since we are of the opinion that anyone who spends time and money doing this sort of thing is worth a mention - we have seen a few clips and yes, the quality does differ widely between the groups. But so what - it's entertainment, a homage to an imaginative and ground-breaking TV series.

    Oh yes, and if you see anyone linking to our old site, please let us know and we can ask them to change their link! - although of course we're grateful for the link in the first place!

    But first, here's a link to a page which shows some of the actors who have played the Doctor in fan productions - you see we're not the only ones who do this sort of thing!!!!

    And here's a great link to a directory of fan films (Clifford Hoeft - Promoting Independant Film)By the inclusion of this link please don't think we're distributing Devious by the way! (as if we'll ever finish the **** thing!)- we just want to link to other film-makers!

    A great directory of Fan Films... Garscube Studios area group of amateur filmmakers. They're just finishing Doctor Who - The Clones and are in the planning stages of the sequel, "Doctor Who - Chronica" which is at [link inactive at present] this is a directory of fan videos - the site for "Access Denied" - a Ninth Doctor adventure Creatures of Hate - an action-packed dalek movie - the site ofSean Corcoran;one of the producers from Time's Champion Productions. - Ryan K Johnson's site, where his productions include The Wrath of Eukor (1984), Visions of Utomu (1986), Pentagon West (1987), Broken Doors (1988) "the tyranny of the daleks 4198 a.d." - previously this link was for "Doctor Who and the Galentor Incident" the site for Theta-G productions The Exciting World of the Daleks - one of their productions they say is "20 years in the making" so there's hope for Devious the site for the production"Time and Again" Timebase Productions - see also reviews by Kathryn Sullivan of Timebase Productions "Paradise In Chains" and "Regenesis" Floor Ten (audio productions) [link inactive at present]Cold Blood Warm Heart - A two 25 minute episode homage to the much-loved science fiction TV series "Doctor Who". Written and directed by Simon Wellings, creator of 'The Magic Box' and 'The Doctor Must Diet'. Skyriders Productions (Texas, USA) - we are currently in pre-production our first straight-to-video serial, a Doctor Who fan video called Genus.

    Now we know we've missed some out, so please let us know ! We'll even join a webring if it helps!

    and here's an amazing Star Trek project...